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Alan Wake Continues...

Alan Wake Continues...

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At long last we finally have details on what's happening with the awesome Alan Wake franchise.

I happened to be on Facebook when the news first broke: "Fans, Alan Wake returns through Xbox Live Arcade! Follow on Monday for the first screenshot, and the 2011 Spike VGA's, December 10th, for more information on this Epic Adventure. Are you ready to become the Champion of Light?"

So it's an Xbox Live download only title, with a screenshot coming Monday, then we have to wait until December to find out anything else.

However, reading the forum thread I've linked to above, the Remedy staff have been keen to state that fans won't be disappointed and that it carries on the Alan Wake storyline in a new, interesting way...

Make of that what you will but something that stood out for me was when people were complaining that the game can't contain much content being a download only title, the Remedy staff were quick to point out that the original game only came to about 2GB, which in itself is incredible, they say it was the cut-scene videos that took up the rest of the space, with the reasoning behind the small content size by Markus from Remedy stating; "We're efficient that way."

Whatever it is, as massive fans of the game we here at Game Scares eagerly await this title.

Below is an unverified screenshot of the title screen for this game, note that Remedy will neither confirm or deny it's authenticity;

We're efficient that way.

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