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Heavy Rain Nude Glitch

Heavy Rain Nude Glitch

Video - Other/Weird

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It seems a Kotaku reader has discovered a glitch within Heavy Rain that renders the gorgeous Madison Paige completely naked, hmmm, glitch? Its a perfect render of her body complete with pubic hair, surely its an easter egg hidden by the developers and granted to those lucky enough to be able to find it more like...

Details are sketchy on how this guy got the "glitch" to present itself, but it is found during the scene where, playing as Ethan, you have the option to kiss Madison, the thing is here EVERYONE hits the kiss button, but if you don't, and the game has Ethan kiss her anyway you're onto something, if you quit and reload from that point when you come back Madison is in her birthday suit, apparently.

Maybe its her way of getting that kiss second time around? Anyway here is video of the "glitch" in question.

*Warning Not Safe For Work*

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1 Thursday, 04 March 2010 18:46
I'd hit that! Seriously though that is some "glitch", as Shane said its meant to be there you know it, I know it, they know it, but thanks for putting it in :)

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