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Interview: Jools Watsham - Owner, Renegade Kid (Dementium II)

Interview: Jools Watsham - Owner, Renegade Kid (Dementium II)

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Jools_animHere I get to speak to the owner of Renegade Kid about upcoming Nintendo DS horror game 'Dementium II', a system not normally known for such harrowing material.

And yes, he's a bit demented himself!



Shane - The DS isn't known for it's adult titles, what made you as a developer want to create the Dementium games as opposed to "Let's stroke a puppy Labrador" type game that the system is synonymous for?

Jools - The main reason we developed Dementium was because we are fans of Silent Hill and Resident Evil, and didn't see a reason why DS fans shouldn't have a taste of some of that yucky goodness.

dementium2-1jpgShane - Your original game 'Dementium: The Ward' was applauded for what it did with the limitations of the hardware, 60 FPS and decent textures/lighting, it also featured incredibly atmospheric sound.

How much of a challenge was that to pull off? Have any extra features been added for the sequel?

Jools - We spent a lot of time at the beginning experimenting with the darkness and the flashlight. We weren't sure how effective it could be, but we had a hunch that something decent could be accomplished on the DS based on our prior experience developing for the N64.

I must admit that the final results surpass what I originally thought we would be able to achieve. Some new features added to Dementium II that contribute to the atmosphere include dynamic music, which changes based on the action, transportation to a hell dimension, and tons of creepy dialog.

Shane - Although I was a huge fan of the original game, I have to mention the one aspect that let the experience down for me, the re-spawning enemies, this discouraged exploration, something I like to do in any game I play, especially scary ones with a great setting like your game had, have you done anything to address this issue in the sequel?

Or maybe it was about adding tension and the re-spawning will remain?

Jools - Yes, we have addressed the re-spawning enemies - they no longer re-spawn! :)

dementium2-2 Shane - The games play out like a mixture of Doom and Silent Hill, can you confirm or deny these games were a heavy influence on Dementium? Any other influences you want to mention?

Jools - Yes, those two games were definitely big influences on the first Dementium. Some of the games that inspired Dementium II include Bioshock and Half Life.

 Shane - Can you tell us if we will be playing with the same protagonist from the first game or do we have a new character?

Jools - Yes, you will be playing as the same character: William Redmoor. Poor William. :)

dementium2-3Shane - The first game featured some great puzzles to break up the monster bashing, can we expect more of the same?

Jools - Yes, absolutely, there are nine touchscreen puzzles and a handful of other types of puzzles.

Shane - Finally, I always ask this any interviewee, can you please tell us something about the game that nobody else knows?!

Jools - The subtitle we joked about using for Dementium II was Dirty Prison.


I'd like to thank Jools for his time, we are really looking forward to it, especially now the enemies no longer re-spawn! I'd also like to thank Rob Burman - European PR Manager from South Peak Interactive for setting me up with Jools.

Comments (6)
6 Saturday, 05 June 2010 21:17
Shane - Admin
Actually got my hands on this game now and it pretty much fixes every problem with the original, review up soon.
5 Thursday, 08 April 2010 22:34
Shane - Admin
Top secret dude sorry!

The first game is definitely worth a punt, nothing else like it on the DS, but I'm anticipating the sequel to be much better.
4 Thursday, 08 April 2010 21:45
Intrigued I'm sure, I'm not gonna ask you to spill the beans because I can tell by your comment you'll tell me to go take a long walk :)

On topic: I never played the first Dementium but have just aquired a DS for the kids, should I wait for the sequel or try the first one? Bare in mind respawning enemies isn't something I tend to like in my games and I see you made a pretty big deal about it there.
3 Thursday, 08 April 2010 20:37
Shane - Admin
Heh, thanks dude, no bribing honest guv'.

I've been very pleasantly surprised actually so far, every one I've asked to interview has agreed and been purely awesome to deal with, lot's more coming as well, you wanna see who I've got in the pipeline. :)
2 Thursday, 08 April 2010 20:18
Nice info, again, you are getting some kick ass interviews lately Shane, you bribing these guys? Hehe jokes dude, well done. :)
1 Wednesday, 07 April 2010 20:42
Thank fuck for that, I love the DS for pissing about at work... erm I mean home lol. Seriously the respawn thing killed the first game for me, really glad to see it knocked on the head this time, I will now buy that game.

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